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5 Ways to Nurture Yourself When You Feel Unloved by Your Husband

Updated: May 5

unloved by husband

The Pain Of Feeling Unloved By Your Husband

Feeling unloved by your husband can be incredibly painful and lonely. That is why healing and finding joy again is the crucial first step to fixing your marriage. Nurturing yourself with these tips can help you reconnect with the beautiful woman you are. Being happy with yourself is the essence of self love. It will also make you magnetic. The more you reconnect with yourself, the more you will draw others towards you, including your husband!

Get Moving 

Bonus points if it's in nature! Not only is it a kindness to your body, but you will also stimulate some of those lovely endorphins. Go for a bike ride, walk in the woods, jog with your favorite music or podcast playing, or dance. Whatever it is, get air flowing through your lungs and blood pumping through your body. Reconnect with the joy of being alive!

Awaken Your Creativity

We are all creative beings. Even if you are terrible at arts and crafts or feel totally untalented like I do- you are creative! Whether you bake cookies, repaint your walls, write a poem, crochet a terrible, unusable sweater, sing in the shower, braid your daughter’s hair, or paint your nails- you are creating. The end result is not what is important here. Being creative can help us get into a state of flow which forces us to be fully in the present moment. This makes worrying about the future or torturing ourselves about the past quite impossible while we are engaged. Creativity is a beautiful way to reconnect with our inner child and truest self. 


Get together with a friend, call your sister, or reach out to someone you’ve lost touch with. Preferably, this should be outside of social media. Human connection is so important, especially when we’re feeling low. If you would like to make new connections or are shy, start by smiling and saying hello to strangers you pass on walks, chatting to the barista at a cafe while waiting for your order, or joining a group at your library. It could feel a bit awkward at first, but these little interactions add up, open ourselves to new friendships, and can increase our self confidence. We are social beings and something as simple as sharing eye contact and a smile with a stranger (whether they are 2 or 102) can ignite a bit of joy in us. 

Spiritual self care 

This may mean having a daily yoga practice, praying, reading, or other religious practices, meditation, daily gratitudes, observing nature, or journaling. Spiritual self care will mean something different for everybody, but having a regular practice that involves getting in touch with our deepest selves and connecting to creation is a beautiful way to rebalance and find purpose in our lives. 


If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it? Would you go on a trip to Hawaii, learn to salsa dance, make a career change, or buy a horse? Allow yourself to dream like you used to as a child and see what bubbles up. For just a moment, don’t allow fear or doubt get in the way. Honor yourself by simply recognizing that these dreams exist within you, no matter how wild they may seem. Allow your deepest, buried desires to surface and be acknowledged by you. Maybe the time has come to do something truly special for yourself. It may be one tiny action at a time, but turning your gaze towards your dream can help you align your life to your truth. There is nothing more liberating and exciting than believing you are deserving of your dreams and that you are in charge of your own experience on this earth. 

How will you be nurturing yourself today? Share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear! I’m standing for you!

Xo, Laura Amador

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