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Magnetic Wife™ Circle

Congratulations! You have created major positive shifts in your marriage over the last six months, and you get all the credit because it was YOU who brought the commitment, vulnerability, and courage!

You might be wondering, "yes, AMAZING!" and now what?

If you changed you diet and exercise routine to help you reach your health goals, you wouldn't stop when you finally started to see results, right? The same goes for your relationship! 

For me, staying in a community of like-minded women and knowing I have support at my fingertips should I need it has been instrumental in my continued transformation and consistent growth in my marriage. My clients say the same thing, and so they tend to stick around!

Avoid sliding back into old ways and get community, accountability, and monthly challenges to help you stay on track with the Intimacy Skills™ and deepen your relationship with your husband.

Protect your progress and stay on the upward trajectory. There really is no ceiling with the Intimacy Skill.

It's been my experience that things really will get as good as you can stand!


What's that look like for you? Continue your journey with the Magnetic Wife™ Circle and find out!

What's included: 

​✔️ Sisterhood in our private community

✔️ Monthly accountability call

✔️ Ongoing challenges designed to help you deepen your relationship with your husband

✔️ Weekly accountability checkins

✔️ Bonus resources created to help you stay on track with the Intimacy Skills


Monthly membership: $27/month


Yearly membership: Save and get 2 months FREE: $270/year


Q. Can I join this program anytime?

A. Since this is designed to offer continued support and accountability in order to maintain momentum and propel more transformation, this is an invite-only program and the doors only remain open for 10 days after completing the Magnetic Wife™ Muse or the Magnetic Wife™ Haven program. 

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