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Magnetic Wife™ Haven VIP

Upgrade to VIP for ONLY $77/mo (usually $97/mo)

🌺 Welcome to the VIP tier of Magnetic Wife Haven, where transformation is not just a possibility but a promise. 

It's not just about saving or improving your marriage; it's about undergoing a metamorphosis that will leave you stronger, wiser, and more radiant than ever before.

For only $97 per month, you'll gain access to a sacred sanctuary of resources carefully curated to guide you through every twist and turn of your transformational journey, in addition to everything you already get in Haven.


Take a look at what's inside..

1. Powerful Training Program: Exclusive Magnetic Wife™ Workshops

Stop feeling stuck and confused. Immerse yourself in our transformative workshops where you'll gain new breakthroughs and solutions to your biggest marital struggles. 

🔹 Creating the Vision for your Marriage: Transform your dreams into reality as you craft a blueprint for lasting love.


🔹 Manifesting Your Desires While Relinquishing Control: Embrace the magic of surrender and witness miracles unfold.


🔹 Resisting Bait and Remaining Dignified: Stand tall in the face of adversity and reclaim your power with grace.


🔹 Reignite the Passion and Desire- Physical Intimacy: Rediscover the fire within and reignite the spark of passion.


🔹 How to Have Financial Intimacy: Forge a bond that transcends money and lays the foundation for shared abundance.


🔹 Creating the Marriage of Your Dreams- Using an SFP in a Powerful and Authentic Way: Harness the transformative power of the Six Intimacy Skills and watch your relationship flourish.


🔹 What To Do When He's Complaining, Critical, Or Controlling: Navigate storms with poise and emerge stronger than ever before.


🔹 How to Be Magnetic: Embrace your innate magnetism and draw your partner closer with every breath.


🔹 Close the Distance and Spark a Connection (What to do when he’s distant): Bridge the gap and forge a connection that transcends physical distance.


🔹 Healing Broken Trust: Mend the wounds of the past and pave the way for a future filled with trust and authenticity.


2. Meditations + Mindset for Marriage Success

True transformation begins from within, which is why our library of meditations and mindset exercises serves as the fertile soil in which your growth takes root:

🔹 Purpose: Discover your true calling and infuse your marriage with purposeful intention.


🔹 Forgiveness: Release the chains of the past and embrace the freedom that forgiveness brings.


🔹 Gratitude: Cultivate a heart overflowing with gratitude and watch blessings multiply before your eyes.


🔹 Hope: Embrace the dawn of possibility and allow hope to light your way forward.


🔹 Self-Love: Shower yourself with the love and compassion you deserve and watch as your inner radiance shines forth.


🔹 Healing: Find solace in the healing embrace of our guided meditations and emerge renewed and whole.


🔹 Manifestation: Harness the power of intention and manifest the marriage of your dreams with unwavering certainty.


3. Personalized Breakthrough Sessions ✨

Perhaps the most profound aspect of the VIP tier is the weekly breakthrough sessions. This is where your transformation takes flight as you receive personalized guidance tailored to your unique journey and challenges. 

So, if you're ready to step into your power and claim the love and happiness you deserve, then the VIP tier of Magnetic Wife Haven awaits.

4. Exclusive BONUS: The Beautifully Healed & Strong Marriage Bundle 

Healing and transforming a marriage begins on the inside. Gain access to this library of beautiful digital journals and affirmation cards to support your personal and marriage transformation. Develop confidence within your relationship and nurture self-love so you can feel secure and truly fulfilled in your life and marriage. 

Magnetic Wife Haven VIP

✔️ Library of Exclusive Workshops

✔️Weekly Breakthrough Sessions With Personalized Feedback

✔️ Library of Powerful Mindset Retreats & Meditations for Marriage Success

✔️ The Beautifully Healed & Strong Marriage Bundle

✔️ Includes Everything In Tier 1 (Group Calls, Community, Resources)

Join now for ONLY $77/mo!

 (Normally $97/mo)

*Both tiers of the Haven membership are included. If you were previously in the lower tier, that payment will auto-cancel.

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About Laura Amador

Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach

I used to think that if only my husband would be more romantic, sensitive, and supportive, everything would be perfect. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get him on the same page. That is, until I mastered the skills that create connection and intimacy.

Today, my husband is my hero in all things, big and small, and my desires are the guiding star for our relationship. I consider my wonderful marriage to be my proudest accomplishment. I have fallen in love with my husband all over again. I have also, perhaps for the first time, truly fallen in love with myself. I am now a happy and confident woman, and that has enriched every area of my life.


I am incredibly grateful to be able to give our 3 young children a healthy example of what love and marriage should be. They are thriving in our secure and happy home.


Gratitude for my beautiful marriage inspired me to pay it forward. It is my honor and passion to help women experience the incredible transformation that is possible with the proper support and skills. 

My mission is to empower women whose priority is to heal and transform their marriage, with the necessary skills and support to do so. If you want to feel treasured and desired while turning up the passion, peace, and fun, you're in the right place. The marriage of your dreams is possible for you!

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