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A step-by-step action plan that teaches you how to restore and revive your marriage

  • Learn how to end the distance, coldness, arguments, and silence

  • ​Stop feeling anxious and fearful about the future of your marriage

  • ​Say goodbye to exhausting and stress and feel more relaxed, valued, and appreciated

  • ​​Have him flirting and laughing alongside you like you used to

  • ​Get more affection, passion, and quality time from him because he can't get enough of you

Join over 15,000 women worldwide and get the PASSION, PEACE and PLAYFULNESS back with.. 




Book a FREE discovery call today and find out how you can bring back the passion, laughter, and tenderness in your marriage.


For FAR less than the price of a divorce that breaks your heart and your family, or endless counseling that doesn't actually help, you can learn the skills that will actually heal and transform your marriage. 


If that could save and transform your marriage, wouldn't it be worth it? 

If you don't want to settle for the sad status quo and think there may be more to life and love than what you have now..


The Magnetic Wife™ program is for you! 

Unlock the secrets to a passionate, fun, and peaceful marriage. Join over 15,000 women worldwide who have successfully transformed their marriage using these skills!


This program has been designed for you to learn about the relationship skills that lead to you feeling desired, cherished, and adored in your relationship every day. 


These skills have helped transform thousands of relationships, bringing women the romance, harmony, and intimacy they crave.



  • This is NOT just another program

  • ​This is NOT a bandaid or fake quick fix

  • ​This is NOT another shiny object 


✔️  This is a proven system that has helped well over 15,000 women around the world to save and transform their marriages

✔️ Skills that will heal your marriage from the inside out and restore the peace, passion, and connection

✔️ A program to help you be the confident and magnetic woman you want to be


Step 1: Master the Feminine Practices of Self-Care & Receiving

  • ​Learn how to get more help & stop feeling exhausted & overworked

  • Become Relaxed, Free-Spirited, Light, and Fun Again

  • Feel Completely Taken Care Of By Your Husband

Step 2: Learn What It Really Means To Stand In Your Power As A Woman

  • ​Stop Worrying & Wasting Precious Energy

  • Get Clear On Your Values & How You Want To Show Up As A Woman

  • Build Emotional Safety So He Opens Up To You Again

Step 3: Become Completely Fluent In Husband Language

  • ​End the Fighting, Distance, & Cold Wars   

  • Learn How to Restore the Connection Quickly

  • ​Learn How To Be Completely Irresistible to Your Husband So He Wants To Spend More Time With You


This is what you get during a discovery call:

  • Clarity on what you want to create in your relationship

  • Deeper understanding of specific challenges holding you back

  • Next steps to restore intimacy

  • Renewed confidence to be your most authentic self

  • The opportunity to explore if getting support is a good fit for you



My husband had just moved out. He said he didn’t love me anymore and I was on my own with three small kids. I was in a lot of pain and I was so desperate to make things work, so I reached out for private coaching.


Talking to Coach Laura was like receiving a big warm hug. She was there for me during my hardest months and I looked forward to every session because I knew that I would come out of it feeling so much stronger. She stood for me, and for the vision I created for my marriage like no one else in my life could have.


Without her coaching, I probably would have given up hope that I could save my marriage. Coach Laura guided me each step of the way. She helped me show up as the woman and wife that I want to be. Now, my husband and I have fun together, we laugh more, enjoy each other's company, and he does so much to make me feel safe and cared for!


Private coaching has been the most valuable investment I could have made in myself and my marriage. For any woman who is going through a marriage breakdown or even just wondering if there’s more to life/love than what she currently has, I would say get coaching. You won’t regret it!



Age: 37

Years Married: 9



I decided to get coaching because I wanted to get back to the way things were when I first met my partner. Coach Laura made me feel incredibly safe during our sessions. She would listen deeply and validate my experience, then find a way to guide me to untangle myself from my pain. After every session with Laura, I would feel empowered, inspired, and renewed. Time and time again, her invitations, once put into practice, initiated higher levels of intimacy in my relationship .


As a result of her private coaching, I have restored my own dignity. I am proud of the woman that I am in my relationship. I wouldn’t trade my new reality for anything!



Age 32

Married 1 Month



I was married but living a lonely life, doing things on my own and thinking that life might be better if we separated. So for once in my life, I put myself first and decided to get some help and support by getting a coach! 


Coach Laura is a keen listener and I felt safe to share very personal things that I was struggling with.  She picked up on areas that I had blind spots in and gently led me to skills that I needed to work on so that I could have a more intimate marriage. 


I feel like I have been given a second chance to have that loving, peaceful, playful marriage that I have always craved.  I would definitely recommend private coaching with Laura!



Age: 57

Years Married:  33



I had just ended a romantic relationship and had recently decided to distance myself from my best friend. I was struggling to process the loss of two very important relationships in my life. Fear and anxiety over my decisions weighed heavily on me. Laura’s guidance and insight made the transition much easier to navigate. 


It was refreshing to confide in someone who never passed judgment and who made me feel safe to express any vulnerable and private information. Laura ended each session with a skill that aimed to improve my relationships and become more aligned with my personal goals. She pushed me to challenge the thoughts that were no longer serving me. 


I would recommend private coaching with Laura to anyone who is ready to strengthen and nourish their relationship with themselves and with others. I was surprised to find that the intimacy skills can be applied to virtually every part of my life. I believe everyone could benefit from private coaching!



Age: 22



Before getting coaching with Laura, I was craving connection and warmth with my husband. I was also having a lot of trouble in my relationships with my teenage kids, my mother, and a coworker.


I was drawn to working with Laura because of her mastery of the intimacy skills, the depth of her thought process, her thoroughness, and her intuition. Her life experiences have given her so much wisdom and maturity, so I knew she would be able to understand and relate to my challenges. 


Laura’s warmth and empathy, combined with being completely non-judgmental, made me feel totally safe and comfortable. I trusted her and always knew that she was leading me down the right path. 


Laura expertly helped me get past my blind spots and helped me uncover ways to apply the intimacy skills to every situation. I felt heard and understood and always took away a concrete step to apply that would help me. 


I can’t recommend coaching with Laura more highly. It has improved every aspect of my life and I have never felt happier or more at peace. 



Age 51

Years married 29


I was often frustrated by my husband’s habits. I wanted him to help me more and be more loving towards me. I would complain that he was lazy, “too particular”, and always micromanaging me. But I did not want to give up on the idea that we could have a loving, fun marriage that really felt like a team. 

I always enjoyed my coaching sessions with Laura. She is a warm, safe person who I can be myself with and talk about what’s really going on. During coaching, she could always find the right story that helped me see my problem from a different angle so I could turn the situation around for the better.  

With the help of Laura's coaching, I’ve built better habits that improve my marriage and learned to create the positive changes I’d like to see.   

As a new mother, I can see how the stresses of parenting small kids can wear on couples and frustrate a marriage. I rely on these Skills daily to keep my relationship with my husband loving and fun. Getting regular coaching keeps me positive and accountable so I can create the marriage I want!

Theresa Wampler

Age: 40

Years Married: 1

Country: USA

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