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Magnetic Wife™ Circle

Accountability & Support Group

🌸 Embrace Passion, Connection, and Joy! 🌸

Are you yearning to infuse your marriage with renewed passion, deeper connection, and a sprinkle of playful joy?


I know some women want help staying consistent and accountable with the Six Intimacy Skills™ but may be want or be ready for coaching, and that's why I've created something special just for you.

👭 Welcome to Our Exclusive Sisterhood

Join a community of like-minded wives who share your dreams of creating lasting peace and intimacy. In our private sanctuary, you'll find support, understanding, and the empowering camaraderie of a sisterhood committed to uplifting each other.

💖 Weekly Challenges: Unleash the Magic

Experience the thrill of rediscovering your connection with your husband through carefully curated weekly challenges. These challenges are thoughtfully designed not only to enhance your relationship, but to take you on a transformative journey, encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace vulnerability and deeper intimacy.

🤝 Accountability Check-Ins: Your Personal Guiding Hand

The path to lasting change is paved with consistent effort. Our weekly accountability check-ins ensure you stay on course, providing the gentle nudge and support needed to make this journey a joyous and successful one. 

📚 Bonus Resources: Your Toolkit for Success

Navigate the intricacies of intimacy with bonus resources tailor-made to keep you on the right track. From insightful tips to practical advice, these resources are your companions in building and sustaining the intimacy skills that will transform your marriage.

🔥 Unlock Confidence, Unleash Passion

This membership isn't just about improving your marriage; it's about empowering you to be the confident, passionate woman you were meant to be. By embracing these challenges, you'll not only deepen your connection with your husband but also unlock a newfound sense of self-assurance.

💖 Monthly Live Call for Growth + Accountability

Studies show that accountability increases the chances of success with new habits by 95%! Our monthly live accountability calls become the heartbeat of your progress. These sessions are not just a check-in – they are a powerful catalyst for growth. Immerse yourself in a supportive environment where breakthroughs happen and genuine connections are forged. These calls provide a unique space for you to share victories and gain insights from like-minded women on similar paths. 

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Say 'YES' to a marriage filled with love, laughter, and limitless connection. Join the $27 membership now and embark on a transformative adventure with other amazing wives who, like you, are committed to creating a marriage that's truly extraordinary.

Click 'Join Now' and step into the next level of connection in your marriage.

👑 Because Every Woman Deserves The Marriage Of Her Dreams, Where She Feels Confident, Secure, Adored, And Desired

What's included: 

​✔️ Sisterhood in our private community

✔️ Carefully curated weekly challenges designed to help you deepen your relationship with your husband

✔️ Weekly accountability checkins

✔️ Monthly live growth + accountability call

✔️ Bonus resources created to help you stay on track with the Intimacy Skills


Membership Plans

Monthly membership: $27/month


Yearly membership: Save and get 2 months FREE: $270/year

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